June 8, 2014

Future Engineering

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I meant to write more, sooner, but I didn’t.

Oh well!

Now I’m back to write about Voyager again.

What the hell is going on with starship engineering in the future? You’d think that by the 24th century we’d have made it so that consoles and keyboards don’t send out sparks and electrical zaps when the slightest things go wrong. How many times must a random redshirt get killed by a console exploding before they prevent that sort of malfunction? It’s pretty ridiculous. And then the slightest space anomalies shake the whole ship around like whoa. Surely there would be some way to stabilize things? Given this design flaw/limitation, why are there no seatbelts on the bridge?!

I understand that Starfleet is a military operation, and thus they would actually wear uniforms. But jumpsuits? No way. They are so impractical. It would certainly make going to the bathroom more difficult that it need be. Though I suppose maybe they’ve found some other way to deal with human waste in the future, especially given the noticeable lack of toilets on the spaceship.

But seriously. I guess it’s cool that we develop the technology to fly into space and stuff. But holy cow, we shouldn’t stop there. We should make it so that the chance of death while merely flying through space is lessened. Turbulence? Wat? Gimme a break.

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